Spend New Year’s at the Tournament of Roses!

New Year’s at the Tournament of Roses

By: Suzanne Slavitter CTP, CTIE of Sports Empire Inc.

New Year’s is just around the corner and for the past 25 years I’ve spent my holiday in Pasadena at the Tournament of Roses. Never mind staying up until past midnight on New Year’s Eve – we get up bright and early on New Year’s Day and head to Pasadena where over 100,000 of my closest friends have gathered to watch the march down Colorado Boulevard!

But even before that – on New Year’s Eve Day we go up to Pasadena in the morning and watch the float builders put the finishing touches on the float for the next days’ parade. Often we’ll get to see the Judges look over the floats to make sure they meet all the stiff requirements for this biggest and best of all parades. Every inch of the floats must be covered in living matter so from seeds to nuts or fruits and flowers it’s amazing to see these floats up close.

Then at 8am on New Year’s morning the floats combine with the bands and equestrian teams for the 5 mile march down Colorado Blvd. Some years I remember seeing bands march by in wooden shoes or with heavy uniforms on and try and imagine how much fun…and how tired they’ll be when the parade is over.

After the parade many people head to Victory Park where the floats are parked and visitors can come view them one final time before they are dismantled. Others head to the Rose Bowl to see the Granddaddy of all football games. And then every year on January 2nd we start promoting these events over again as people watch it on TV and are ready to plan their trip to the next Tournament of Roses.

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