60 Second Geography-Brazil


60 Second Geography – Brazil

The largest country in South America is also the most populous and the most visited by travelers. Brazil’s varied landscape and travel themes — from the Amazon to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro are the stuff that avid travelers dream about all of their lives. More Europeans than Americans visit each year, but that mix is changing dramatically with the buying power of the dollar and the discovery of Brazil as a new “in” travel destination. Tourism is of central importance for the nation, and the government has fostered investment in infrastructure and training for the hospitality industry. An intense focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly travel promises to preserve this natural wonderland for generations to come.

  • The greatest river basin in the world, Amazonia contains more than 20% of the entire world’s fresh water.
  • It is a nation of superlatives with the largest river, the greatest rainforest and the world’s most exciting Carnival.
  • Brazil’s culture is an amazing mix of Portuguese, African and Amerindian.
  • The city of Americana, outside of Sao Paulo, was founded by disenfranchised soldiers of the Confederate army after the American Civil War.
  • The city of Rio de Janeiro is made up of 150 districts. Rio is an exciting city with iconic architecture and monuments.
  • The statue of Christ the Redeemer rests on Corcovado Mountain at 2,330 feet above sea level.
  • Sugar Loaf, the famous peak rising 1,300 feet above sea level is accessible by a cable car ride.
  • Ipanema Beach, made famous by the song, is the center of Rio’s beach and night-life.
  • The “hippy fair” at General Osorio Square is a much visited site for mingling and people watching on Sundays where local arts and crafts may be purchased.
  • Brazil loves its soccer. The Estadio de Maracana is the largest soccer stadium in South America, seating 95,000.
  • Tijuca Forest is located adjacent to Rio de Janeiro and at nearly 8,000 acres is the largest urban forest in the world.
  • With over 5000 miles of coastline, Brazil’s beaches are world class. Some are highly developed while others are nearly deserted stretches of beach and ocean.
  • Iguacu Falls consists of 275 smaller cataracts along a 1.5 miles stretch of river.
  • Rio’s Carnival is the most famous in the world. Months of preparation and planning go into the event and more than 300,000 travelers pack the city each February to participate.

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