Greece by Land and Sea, 2015. Day 1: Athens to Hydra

az_msmediterraneansea wp



Our hosts will meet us this morning in Athens and transfer us to the “M/S Mediterranean Sea”, our home for the next 6 days. Our destination today will be the island of Hydra, rich in history and culture from the 3rd Century BCE until today.

Cars or motorcycles are not allowed by law. Donkeys, and water taxis provide public transportation. The inhabited area, however, is so compact that most people walk everywhere.

Hydra benefits from numerous bays and natural harbours, and has a strong maritime culture. The island remains a popular yachting destination, and is the home of the Kamini Yacht Club, an international yacht club based in the port of Kamini.

In 2007, a National Geographic Traveler panel of 522 experts rated Hydra the highest of any Greek Island (ranked 11th out of 111 islands worldwide) as a unique destination preserving its “integrity of place”.[3] 

Come travel with me and a small group of friends to one of my all time favorite destinations … only 2 places remaining! See detailed itinerary at TravelSmart Partners, LLC and follow our blog for updated information.



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