Greece by Land and Sea, 2015 Day 3 Spetses to Nafplio






Tolo Greece


As we leave Spetses , we stop for a swim in the bay of the small island of Aitolo, outside the town of Tolo. The village sprawls out along the beach, the sea shallow, the sand fine and golden perfect for swimming and sunbathing.


Lunch onboard, as we sail to Nafplio, said to be the most romantic town in Greece, and one of my favorite places in the world. Charming and historic, it’s many conquerors left their mark on the town, it’s culture, architecture and traditions.


Fortress overlooking Nafplio

Our afternoon and evening is free here, so take some time to explore, climb to the fortress if you desire and relax at one of the many tavernas with a glass of Ouzo.Overnight onboard. For detailed information on this tour, please visit TravelSmart Partners, LLC.Naplion








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